Choose the right generator in THREE easy steps!

Step 1

Look for power information

This will usually be represented in Amps, watts(W), kilowatts(kW) or horsepower(hp).
This information can usually be found on:

  • Power Bricks or Nameplates
  • Product Manuals
  • Manufacturer's Website

*Pro-tip: Easy convertors and calculators can be found online as well!

Estimated Wattage for Common Equipment

Step 2

Add everything together

Add the wattages of all appliances that will be running at the same time, and another 15% extra for electrical headroom. 

The total will be how much estimated power you will need to run it all at the same time. Simply match your total power to the RATED power on our generators and you're good to go!

To put it simply, our 2000Wh Bluetti AC200 Battery Generator can run a 200W device for an estimated 10 hours!

*Pro-Tip: If you want to be more accurate with exactly how much power you need over time, simply look at the kilowatt-hour (kWh or Wh) rating of our generators and your appliances. A kilowatt-hour is a unit of energy: one kilowatt of power for one hour.

Adding Wattage Together

Step 3

Decide on your generator type

What sort of generator will be best for your needs? The right one will depend on the location and equipment demands. 

Petrol Generators are generally more affordable but require well-ventilated outdoor spaces, and only runs on Petrol 95.

Battery Generators are eco-friendly, safe to use indoors, produces no fumes, are noiseless and generally more portable but runs on a battery store, which will require charging after depletion. Some of our generators, like the Bluetti AC200Max and AC300, work with batteries that can be swapped out and charged separately so that they can be run for longer hours.

Petrol Generators Battery Generators
Requires well-ventilated outdoor spaces Safe to use indoors and outdoors
Produces Carbon Monoxide and other fumes No Fumes
Silent and Non-Silent both produces some noise Noiseless
Runs on Petrol 95 Requires charged battery stores

*Pro-Tip: Generators might not be the only thing you need! Browse our Accessories for anything else you might require, like gazebos and fire extinguishers!

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