Bluetti EP500 & EP500Pro

Battery Powered Generator for Indoor & Outdoor

  • AC Output: 2000W or 3000W(Pro)
  • Chargeable via Wall Outlets and Solar Panels
  • Plug-and-play device, like a massive powerbank
  • Eco-friendly and safe for use indoors & outdoors
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GoRental SG is the exclusive, official retailer for Bluetti products within Singapore

Video Overview

Quiet, Safe and Easy-To-Use Generator

Power outage, planned or not, is always a terrible inconvenience. At GoRental, we recieve countless of orders for powering up fish tanks, fridges, and sometimes even critical medical devices.

Enviromental issues aside, it simply is not safe to use a regular petrol or diesel generator indoors, which most Singaporeans have little to no choice as we mostly live in apartments.

The EP500 & EP500Pro is a battery powered generator, runs quiet and without fumes, and can be charged simply by plugging into our wall sockets. 

Imagine a powerbank for your appliances!

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Load Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Power outages can happen to anyone, anytime, and they can last days. Small portable batteries are mostly pointless during such times, as they don’t support high-powered appliances, nor will they last very long.

To ensure you have power for days, you must have a large capacity battery, such as EP500 Series which is engineered with a 5100W large battery capacity.

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Multiple Charging Outputs

The EP500 offers a wide range of powering options with seven versatile ports, including four industry-leading 2000W AC ports to run anything you could from a wall outlet.

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Charge It Easily

Throw away the big bricks, just using the included AC charging cable to recharge this battery pack through the AC input port.

For EP500Pro, the charging speed depends on the ampere and voltage of the wall socket.

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